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Patterns of tobacco sales to minors in Boston

Kevin Kroner, JD and Kevin Kroner, JD. Boston Tobacco Control Program, Boston Public Health Commission, 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02118

Objectives: To determine patterns in the sale of cigarettes to minors in Boston. Method: During 1999, Boston Tobacco Control conducted 1298 store checks among Boston's 1200 tobacco retailers. We collected data for a broad variety of variables including: store type; neighborhood; date; and, the age\gender of the minor attempting the purchase. Results: The 1999 compliance rate was 92.4% (1199/1298). Specific store types had similar rates: gas stations (92%); convenience stores (91%); liquor stores (90%); grocery stores (89%); and pharmacies (89%). We see a slight variation of compliance rates by neighborhood. Allston-Brighton and Charlestown-East Boston both had rates of 97%, while Jamaica Plain and Roslindale had a combined rate of 86%. When we add in the compliance results for 12\98 -- the first month of enforcement in Boston - we can see a quick increase in the monthly compliance rate from 63% to 98% in 3\99. After 3\99, the monthly compliance rate never went below 90%. Females were almost 50% more likely to make a successful purchase (m=6.1% f=8.9%). The great bulk of purchases made by males were by 15 year-olds (22/38). Among girls, the data showed higher sale rates among older girls (14=6.6%, 15=8.5%, 16=15.9%, 17=17.2%). Conclusions: In addition to a satisfactorily high compliance rate, we have concluded that this rate is fairly consistent across store type, neighborhood and time. The higher sale rate to older girls tells us that our education focus should be on getting all merchants to check identification before all sales.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this session, the learner will be able to construct a system for analyzing data from youth access tobacco compliance checks. Such analysis will enable the learner to determine the targeted outreach needed to bring overall compliance rates up

Keywords: Tobacco Control,

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