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Substance Abuse Prevention and Early Intervention Strategies in a Workplace Managed Care Setting

Alan Bekelman, President, Marcia Cohen, MCP, and Timothy Mulcahy, MA. Development Services Group, Inc, Development Services Group, Inc, 7315 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 700E, Bethesda, MD 20814

Increasingly, research shows that a majority of heavy users are working adults, and that substance abuse among healthcare workers is a significant problem. Utilizing a quasi-experimental design with a comparison group, this study examines the effects of an innovative, three-part workplace intervention on the health status of healthcare employees.

Whereas employees at the comparison site (n=1,269) receive “traditional” Employee Assistance Program (EAP)services, employees at the treatment site (n=2,854)receive “traditional” EAP services and an “enhanced” intervention consisting of a (1) Wellness Promotion Program(2)Primary Care Provider (PCP) Team Intervention, and (3) Parent Training component.

Impact related to these “enhanced” interventions is measured by comparing human resource records, healthcare utilization and claims records of employees from the treatment and comparison sites retrospectively and prospectively over the life of the study. Impact also is measured through a baseline and annual substance abuse survey and through focus groups with employees from the treatment and comparison sites.

Expected outcomes in the treatment site include an:increase in the rate of appropriate referrals for substance abuse services; increase in primary care physicians’ knowledge of signs and symptoms of substance abuse; increase in employees’ awareness of available substance abuse services; increase in employees’ knowledge about substance abuse and its consequences; and an increase in employees’ ability to speak confidently about substance abuse with their children.

Learning Objectives: To gain a better understanding of effective prevention and early intervention strategies in the workplace to reduce substance abuse among healthcare workers

Keywords: Workforce, Prevention

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