3006.1: Monday, November 13, 2000 - Board 7

Abstract #8385

Survey to Assess Stages of Change across Preventable Cardiovascular and Cancer Health Risk Behaviors for Veterans Newly Entering the Veterans Healthcare Administration

Cheryl J. Iverson, DO1, Akwasi Amponsah, MD, MPH1, and Karen Sanders, MD2. (1) Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health, Medical College of Virginia, P.O. Box 980212, Richmond, VA 23298, (804)524-8580, civerson@vcu.org, (2) Richmomd VAMC

This study examines the Stages of Change for ten health behaviors among veterans entering the Veterans Healthcare Administration. The General Health Survey covers seatbelt use, high fat foods, dietary fiber, weight loss, aerobic exercise, sun exposure, sun protection, stress reduction, tobacco use, and self-exams for cancer. A cross-sectional survey of 300 veterans being enrolled into primary care through prevention clinic will be sampled. Chi square analysis will be test for significance between stage of change for specific behaviors at different agegroups. The relationship between different behaviors and agegroups will be tested using gamma. After screening, the Veterans Administration in Richmond will be better able to target behavioral interventions to reduce cardiovascular and malignancy related morbidity and mortality. In addition, the possibility of a gateway behavior interventional strategy will be identified for the most cost-effective and efficacious delivery of preventive health services.

Learning Objectives: Identify the Stages of Change for modifiable cardiovascular and cancer risk factors in veterans to be used to develop stage-matched interventions

Keywords: Behavior Modification, Veterans

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