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Post-conflict health system reconstruction in East Timor

Adam Y. Slote, International Rescue Committee, Dili, East Timor, PO Box 30, Bovina Center, NY 13740, (607) 832-4554, aslote@jhsph.edu

Violent conflict erupted in East Timor following the announcement on August 31st,1999, of the ballot results of the UN-sponsored referendum on independence from Indonesia. One sector that was particularly hard-hit was the health sector: of 160 physicians present before the conflict only 10 remained, health administrators were nearly non-existent and health care facilities had been systematically looted and destroyed. This presentation describes the process through which the health system in East Timor is being rebuilt. It addresses five key areas: health services, management, human resources, infrastructure and financing. It describes the nature of the collaboration between the emerging Ministry of Health, donors, WHO and non-governmental organizations, and discusses the underlying principles of the project equity, appropriateness and sustainability. It examines the process through which the local burden of disease is being used to help inform decision-making. It also describes a general model for the process of transitioning from short-term relief operations to long-term health sector development in post-conflict situations.

Learning Objectives: 1. Articulate the major challenges facing health system reconstruction in East Timor 2. Describe the primary initiatives in each of the five key intervention areas 3. Describe how the model presented can be applied to one other country

Keywords: International Health, War

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