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Use of technology to facilitate data entry in a multi-site, multi-service agency

Kevin D. Siddons, EdD, Department of Professional Standards, Office of Outcome Studies, KidsPeace, Inc, 5300 KidsPeace Drive, Patriot Center, Orefield, PA 18069, 610-799-7768, ksiddons@kidspeace.org

KidsPeace, like many other agencies, is in the process of implementing outcome studies systems. This often translates into asking staff or clients to fill out forms and to enter data into databases. Staff time constraints are often extreme. Technology is often old or unavailable. Staff technological skills and openness to technology range from the technophile to the technophobe.

The Office of Outcome Studies at KidsPeace has endeavored to use technology to make data entry as easy and expediant as possible. We have developed four data entry systems that interact modularly. The first uses telephony hardware/software to allow data entry via the telephone. The second uses scannable/faxable forms that allow completed forms to be faxed to a PC with the scannable software. The third used the Palm III and PC based software to allow data to be collected on the Palm device and transferred to the PC. The fourth uses databases and intranet/internet interactive databases for data entry. With each system, off the shelf technology was used. Special efforts were made to meet the needs of mobile therapist.

Each method will be reviewed with attention paid to how the technology was set up and the reactions of staff. Training methods will be discussed.

Learning Objectives: 1) Participants will learn how telephone and computer hardware/software can be used to create easy to use data entry systems. 2) Participants will learn how computer hardware and software can be used to create faxable/scannable forms that become an easy to use data entry system. 3) Participants will learn how handheld computers (Palm III) and computer hardware/software can be used to create an easy to use data entry system. 4) Participants will learn how these systems can be built into a modular data entry system which allow the appropriate method to be used at a specific site

Keywords: Computer-Assisted, Outcomes Research

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Organization/institution whose products or services will be discussed: KidsPeace, Inc. (my employer) OQ-Systems (ORYX provider) Med-Assure (IVR system - telephone data entry) Cardiff Software (Teleform scannable/faxable forms) 3Com (Palm III personal digital assistant) PenDragon Software (PenDragon Forms - forms for the
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Relationship: KidsPeace is my employer.

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