3043.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM

Issues in Drug Policy and Quality of Pharmaceutical Care

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Facilitator(s):Lynette Bradley, RPh,, PhD
12:30 PMAnalysis of the continued use of beta-blockers by an insured population after acute myocardial infarction
Michael Hetzel, Kevin Hawkins, PhD, Vicki Wilson, MA, Connie Blachut, MPH, David Share, MD, Beth Goldman, MD
12:45 PMAngiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor use in an heavily insured population of heart failure patients
James J Sloan, MA, Mary Martus, RN, Frederick Fedorowicz, PA-C, Beth Goldman, MD, David Share, MD, Connie Blachut, MPH, Vicki Wilson, MA, Kevin Hawkins, PhD
1:00 PMCombating inappropriate antibiotic use in a heavily insured population
Frederick Fedorowicz, PA-C, David Share, MD, MPH, Asha Aggarwal, MPH, Vicki Wilson, MA, Susan Rubin, Connie Blachut, MPH, Beth Goldman, MD, MPH
1:15 PMDoctors at Drug Risk: Implications for Clinical Practice and Cost
Helene Levens Lipton, PhD, Angela D. Kuo, Samantha M. Collins
1:30 PMPatient compliance in a structured pharmaceutical (clinical) care approach to the management of ambulatory patients with hyperlipidemia
Pamala J Reed, DrPH, MPH, Richard Herrier, PharmD, Greta A Gourley, PhD, PharmD, Dick R Gourley, PharmD, David K Solomon, PharmD, Ed Armstrong, J. Lyle Bootman, PhD, James C Holt, PharmD, George Bass, PhD, Kenneth Kellick, PharmD, Kamala McMillan, PharmD, MS, Tracy Portner, PhD
1:45 PMPrescription drug coverage for Medicare beneficiaries: what are states doing to fill the gaps?
Kathryn E. Linehan, MPH, John Hansen, MBA
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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA