5020.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Is There a Trade Off Between Access to Housing and Public Health?

This session will look at the "housing crisis" from two fairly different and frequently disconnected vantage points. These are the advocates for access to affordable housing and the public health community that is concerned about quality of housing and how housing quality affects health. From the access side, there will be speakers who will address the issue of advocacy for affordable housing in the over-heated Boston real estate market and a representative from the local housing authority, which oversees and will discuss issues related to replacing dilapidated public housing with mixed income developments (HOPE VI). From the health side there will be speakers addressing both the difficulty in obtaining regulatory changes in building code that would enhance health and safety and pilot studies and interventions in public housing aimed at addressing problems associated with asthma and other health and safety problems. The talks will be followed by a discussion period in which the audience can ask questions and the speakers can respond to each other. The session will be of interest to any APHA member whose work involves the impact that housing conditions and/or lack of housing can have on public health
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Organizer(s):Douglas M. Brugge, PhD, MS
8:30 AMConditions in public housing are a public health problem
Doug Brugge, PhD, MS, Pam Rice, MPH, Pat Terry, Neal-Dra Osgood
8:45 AMThe Franklin Hill public housing study
Pat Terry, Doug Brugge, PhD, MS
9:00 AMThe Jamaica Plain Campaign of Conscience-A fight for housing justice
Norma Rossrio, Steve Meacham, Juan Leyton
9:15 AMViews of an advocate for improved requirements for housing safety and usability
Jake Pauls, CPE
9:30 AMWhat can a housing authority do to address housing conditions and health?
Kate Bennet
Cosponsors:Social Work; Women's Caucus

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA