6024.0: Thursday, November 16, 2000: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Oral Health Roundtables

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Table 1A dental public health residency program: An effective catalyst for change in dental education and a collaborator in eliminating health disparities
Frank Cortez-Flores, PhD, DDS, MS, MPH
Table 2A dental school's response to state regulations mandating use of engineered safety devices
Richard E. Fredekind, Eve J. Cuny, Alan W. Budenz
Table 3Addressing the needs of underserved children: integration of dental services into medical well child examinations
Amos S. Deinard, MD, MPH, Terrie Kreutzer Rose, PhD, Joseph Grayden, DDS, John P. Conry, DDS
Table 4Cavity Free Kids Initiative: Behavior change at individual, provider and community levels
Dianne M. Riter, MPH, CHES, Nancy Waddell, BA, Mary Pellicer, MD, Cathy Bambrick, MS, RD, Michael del Aguila, PhD
Table 5Dental Care Access-Report of the North Carolina Institute of Medicine Task Force
Dionne M. Colbert, MS, DDS, Sharon -Nicholson Harrell, DDS, MPH
Table 6Dental care utilization among ethnically diverse groups: Determinants of access to care
Hilary Elaine Doty, RDH, MS, Robert Weech-Maldonado, PhD
Table 7Dental needs assessment in rural mountain villages of the Dominican Republic
Susan Cote, RDH, MS, Anne Keith, RN, DrPH, C-PNP, Joseph Boffa, DDS, MPH
Table 8Eliminating oral health disparities among people with disabilities
Lisa J.S. Haney, MA, BA, Kay Stuckhardt, MPH, RDH
Table 9Improving dental access: A collaborative partnership model
Sherlyn Rae Dahl, BSN, MPH, CS
Table 10Medically treated oral health diseases and disorders: Incidence, prevalence and medical costs
Ted R. Miller, PhD, Cecelia B. Snowden, PhD, Alan F. Jensen, JD, MA, Bruce A. Lawrence, PhD
Table 11Minority Dental Student Enrollment Rates: Preventing a Public Oral Health Crisis
Cristian Morazan, DDS, Gustavo Cruz, DMD, MPH
Table 12Oral health programs/services for special and high risk populations. Integrating unmet dental needs. A blueprint and model for rural based oral health programs
Akamanti Jeanie, BS, Elaine Jurkowski, PhD
Table 13Quality of life in Sjogren's syndrome
Evelyn J Bromet, PhD, Leighann Litcher, BA
Table 14Relationship between patients age and the quality of dental records in community health centers
Asim A. Al-Ansari, BDS, MScD, Myron Allukian, DDS, MPH
Table 15The number of dental specialists and the unmet demand for specialty services by low income residents in the City of Boston
Jack Feeney, BA, Myron Allukian, DDS, MPH
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