4060.0: Tuesday, November 14, 2000: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Women's Experience, Work and Health

Almost all women will do paid work at some time during their lives. It is therefore necessary to handle gender appropriately during quantitative and qualitative studies. Women in the workplace, even when they share job titles with men, are often exposed to different musculoskeletal and psychological constraints and specific toxic agents. Job and task assignments may differ by sex. Gender-associated biological and social characteristics may interact with workplace constraints to modify the exposures or the effects of working conditions. Jobs preferentially assigned to women may have specific exposures that escape the attention of researchers. This session will present the implications of women's specific experiences of work for their health
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Presider(s):Karen Messing, PhD
Organizer(s):Karen Messing, PhD
Laura Punnett, ScD
8:30 AMDifferential patterns of exposure to physical and psychosocial Stressors and musculoskeletal prevalence among men and women employed in assembly line production
Leslie A. MacDonald, MS, Laura Punnett, ScD
8:43 AMDiscrimination against women in occupational health compensation
Katherine H. Lippel
8:56 AMDiscrimination, health and work outcomes: A model and preliminary data
Meg Bond, PhD, Jean Pyle, PhD, Manuela Ivaldi, MA, Laura Punnett, ScD
9:09 AMFactors that favor work-family balancing among male and female workers in 3 industries
France Tissot, MSc, Karen Messing, PhD
9:22 AMWork-related musculoskeletal disorders: Is there a gender differential, and if so, what does it mean?
Laura Punnett, ScD, Robin Herbert, MD
9:35 AMDiscussion
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Flexibilization, new forms of women’s work and occupational illnesses
Angela Maria C. Araújo, Doctor, Verônica C. Ferreira, GraduateStudent, Elaine A. Amorim, Student
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