3123.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM

Immunization Finance Policies and Practices

In June 2000, the Institute of Medicine will release the results of an 18-month study focused on the federal role in financing state infrastructure programs for child and adult immunizations. This study, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will review the level of federal and state investments in vaccine purchase and infrastructure support during the 1990s, and will consider how federal funds have been used by the states to improve immunization coverage levels. Topics to be addressed in the proposed session include the findings and recommendations of the IOM study, a response from CDC, an overview of one of the state case studies prepared as part of the IOM study, and a commentary from a state health official. Key questions to be addressed include the dynamics of federalism in supporting immunization efforts, the ways in which recent health finance reforms have influenced state expenditure patterns for categorical public health programs, the role of states health budgets in supporting federal goals, and the performance monitoring responsibilities of state health agencies in assuring accountability within the private health care sector
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Presider(s):Margarett Davis, MD, MPH
Panelist(s):Bernard Guyer, MD, MPH
Walter A. Orenstein, MD
Natalie Smith, MD, MPH
Gerry Fairbrother, PhD
Organizer(s):Rosemary Chalk, BA
2:30 PMThe National Immunization Program: achieving prevention opportunities now and in the future
Walter A. Orenstein, MD
2:45 PMReport of the IOM Committee on Immunization Finance
Bernard Guyer, MD, MPH
3:00 PMA Two-County Case Study of Immunization Policies and Practices in California
Gerry Fairbrother, PhD
3:15 PMA State Persepctive on Immunization Policies, Goals, and Implementation
Natalie Smith
3:30 PMHot topics in vaccine safety
Beth F. Hibbs, RN, MPH, Gerlinda Gallegos Somerville, MHP, CHES
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"Awareness to Action Model" in parental decision-making for the varicella vaccine
Victoria P Niederhauser, DrPH, APRN, PNP
Sponsor:Maternal and Child Health
Cosponsors:Health Administration; Social Work

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