5102.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM

The Rhode Island Prevention Coalition: A Public-Private Partnership Model of Statewide Community Activation for Health Promotion

The purpose of this session is to present a model of statewide community activation for health promotion. The Rhode Island Prevention Coalition (PREVCO) is a public-private partnership of health care providers, insurers, voluntary agencies, universities, professional organizations, and others. Currently, PREVCO's target health behavior is physical inactivity, with other health issues to be addressed in the future. The session will (1) Present supplemental data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Survey (BRFSS) conducted in Rhode Island during March to April, 1998 as a data framework for our discussion of physical activity; (2) Discuss how the coalition was formed and resources were developed as a model of a public-private partnership for health promotion; (3) Describe how the coalition organized and funded a successful grants program and other activities targeting physical inactivity;(4) Articulate the process of implementing Path to Health, an environmental change physical activity promotion, as a statewide physical activity initiative, evolving from our grants program;(5) Present our methods and initial data from evaluating the Path to Health program;(6) Demonstrate the use of our website as a promotional and educational tool. In an era of constricted resources for public expenditures on community-wide health promotion efforts, this model partnership provides an innovative way to attain important public health goals
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Organizer(s):Carol Ewing Garber, PhD
12:30 PM"Move It!" A Physical Activity Initiative Targeting Rhode Island Residents
Carol Ewing Garber, PhD, Andrea G. Vastis, MPH, CHES, Susan Rose, MS, Deborah Riebe, PhD, Avery Colt, MA, Samuel C. Seiden, BA, Richard A. Carleton, MD, William J. Waters, PhD, Patricia A. Nolan, MD, MPH
12:42 PMEvaluation of a Community-Based Physical Activity Environmental Change Program: Sli Path to Health
Carol Ewing Garber, PhD, Ilissa G Lazar, BA, Samuel C. Seiden, BA, Richard A. Carleton, MD, Susan Rose, MS, CCBE, Linda Nugent
12:54 PMHealth promotion and the internet: www.pathtohealth.org
Samuel C. Seiden, BA, Richard A. Carleton, MD, Carol Ewing Garber, PhD, Lisa J. McAuley, MBA
1:06 PMPath to Health: Processes for Developing Environmental Change to Promote Physical Activity
Samuel C. Seiden, BA, Richard A. Carleton, MD, Carol Ewing Garber, PhD, Linda Nugent, Tammy Miller Monk, BA
1:18 PMRhode Island Prevention Coalition: Mobilizing Resources for Health Promotion
Carol Ewing Garber, PhD, Richard A. Carleton, MD, Patricia A. Nolan, MD, MPH, Susan Rose, MS, Andrea G Vastis, MPH, CHES, Avery Colt, MA, William J. Waters, PhD
1:30 PMWho Meets the Surgeon General's Recommendations? "Lifestyle" Physical Activity Data from Rhode Island
Carol Ewing Garber, PhD, Jana Hesser, PhD, Bess Marcus, PhD, Jay Buechner, PhD, Melissa Napolitano, PhD, Richard A. Carleton, MD, Patricia A. Nolan, MD, MPH, William J. Waters, PhD
Sponsor:Community Health Planning and Policy Development
Cosponsors:Food and Nutrition

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA