5117.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM

Ethics in Public Health Curriculum

This panel will present the outcomes of a joint ASPH/HRSA workshop that is scheduled for May 2000. This workshop will bring together faculty representatives from the schools of public health and other experts interested in the teaching of public health ethics. The May 2000 workshop will consist of presentations and discussions centered around the following topics: 1) the content of an ethics and public health curriculum; 2) the appropriate frameworks and core competencies for such a curriculum; and 3) the barriers, institutional and beyond, to teaching ethics and public health. Despite the recent upsurge of interest in the inclusion of ethics instructions in public health curricula, schools of public health and other institutions that train public health professionals vary in how much attention they give to ethics, therefore, model curricula in public health ethics is needed. This session is designed to identify curriculum content and teaching frameworks in public health ethics which will allow schools of public health to get closer to the goal of developing model curricula in publich health ethics. This clearly benefits the public health community at large because this curriculum seeks to address a gap in education currently being experienced by graduates of schools of public health. Ethical concerns in public health relate to the dual obligations of public health professionals to acquire and apply scientific knowledge aimed at restoring and protecting the public's health. Other ethical concerns relate to the need to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement.
Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
Moderator(s):Jeff Kahn, PhD, MPH
Organizer(s):Wendy Katz, MPH
12:30 PMEthics in the public health curriculum: Beyond the limits of medial ethics
Ron Bayer, PhD
12:50 PMCore Competencies in Public Health Ethics
Allyne Smith, MA, ThD
1:10 PMMedicine, ethics and public health: A collaborative model for medical education
Jan K. Carney, MD, MPH, Virginia L. Hood, MBBS, MPH, Catherine Myser, PhD
1:30 PMTuskegee: A red flag for bioethics
Stephen B. Thomas, PhD, Sandra Crouse Quinn, PhD
Sponsor:Forum on Bioethics
Cosponsors:Epidemiology; Social Work

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA