5170.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM

Impact of Managed Care on Treatment Outcomes

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Moderator(s):Gabrielle Denmead
2:30 PMEffect of a behavioral health carve-out on seven-month ASI outcomes
Matthew Urato, MA, Larson Mary Jo, PhD, MPH, Kevin Smith, MA, Stephen Soldz, PhD
2:48 PMImpact of Managed Care on Chemical Dependency Treatment: Key Variations within the Oregon Health Plan over Five Years' Implementation
Katherine E. Laws, BA, Roy M. Gabriel, Phd
3:06 PMDifferences in drug use, treatment services utilization, and 6-month post-treatment outcomes between managed and unmanaged publicly funded adolescent AOD users
Brooke S. Harrow, PhD, Laura Smart, PhD, Linda E. Kasten, MA
3:24 PMLevels and quantity of care authorized for alcohol abuse/dependent patients by a managed behavioral healthcare organization
Evangeline R Danseco, PhD, David T Levy, PhD, Paul R Marques, PhD, Ted R Miller, PhD, Eduardo Romano, PhD, Laureen Teti, PhD, Geetha Waehrer, PhD, Eduard Zaloshnja, PhD
3:42 PMWill managed care promote linkage of substance abusers to ongoing treatment
Mary Jo Larson, PhD, Linda E Kasten, MA, Mary Btrolin, PhD
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