6016.0: Thursday, November 16, 2000: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Clinical Issues in Aging

Learning Objectives: 1) To become familiar with clinical issues facing older adults. 2) To understand the ramifications of disease in older adults. 3) To become knwoledgable about the management of several important clinical problems in the elderly
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement.
Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
Presider(s):Chad Boult, MD
8:30 AMFindings from the 1st Decade of the Clearwater Osteoarthritis Study
William B. Ward, MA, MPH, DrPH, Jae Eun Lee, MPH, DrPH, John Barrett, MD, Betty J. Hall, RN, Jung Hye Lee, MPH
8:45 AMSymptom assessment as a component of routine clinical care in elderly patients with advanced prostate cancer
Monica McGrath, MHS, William K. Oh, MD, Helen Waldron, Jane C. Weeks, MD, MSc
9:00 AMTubal Sterilization, Earlier Menopause and Increased Risk of Chronic Diseases of Aging
Grace Wyshak, PhD, MS, Nalini Visvanathan, PhD, MPH
9:15 AMPrevalence and impact of pain on perceived health status among America's oldest old
Cielito C. Reyes-Gibby, DrPH, Charles S. Cleeland, PhD
9:30 AMPsychosocial factors related to disparities in glycemic control among older adults in the US
Elizabeth M Bertera, PhD
The following abstracts have been withdrawn by the authors:
Depression, vision loss, co-morbidity and disability in elderly with macular degeneration
Barbara L. Brody, MPH, Anthony C. Gamst, PhD, Rebecca A. Williams, PhD, Amanda R. Smith, Philip W. Lau, MA, Douglas Dolnak, MD, Robert M. Kaplan, PhD, Stuart I. Brown, MD
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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA