5218.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM

Over 50 and Living with HIV

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Presider(s):Stephen Crystal, PhD
Discussant(s):Marcia Ory, PhD, MPH
2:30 PMOlder Persons Living with HIV/AIDS: Findings from the HIV Cost & Services Utilization Survey
Marcia Ory, PhD
2:45 PMAging and the Economics of HIV
Geoffrey F. Joyce, Lee Lillard, Arleen A. Leibowitz, Neil Wenger, David Zingmond, Stephen Crystal, Usha Sambamoorthi, Martin F. Shapiro, John A. Fleishman, Samuel A. Bozzette
3:00 PMCircumstances at HIV Diagnosis and Progression of Disease in Older HIV-Infected Americans
DS Zingmond, NS Wenger, S Crystal, G Joyce, J Fleishman, HH Liu, U Sambamoorthi, L Lillard, AA Leibowitz, MF Shapiro, SA Bozzette
3:15 PMSocioeconomic Circumstances, Social Support, and Quality of Life Among Middle-Aged and Older People with HIV/AIDS
Stephen Crystal, U Sambamoorthi, N. Wenger, A. Akincigil, J. Fleishman, G. Joyce, D. Zingmond, S. Bozzette, M. Shapiro
3:30 PMRacial and Ethnic Disparities in HIV+ Client age 50 and over
Hope D Lee, BSW, Laurence E Ganges, MSW, Helene Cross, PhD, James Garner, MA
Sponsor:Social Work
Cosponsors:Community Health Planning and Policy Development; HIV/AIDS SPIG; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus of Public Health Workers; Socialist Caucus

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA