4064.0: Tuesday, November 14, 2000: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Poster Session III

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Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
Facilitator(s):Darius Sivin
Board 1Use of the Fluorescent Tracer Technique in Flower Industry Greenhouses in Ecuador: A Qualitative Approach
Carlos Mata, Emily Allen, Rosselyn Calisto, Tim Takaro, MD,, MPH
Board 2Agricultural Injuries Among Adult Hispanic Farm Workers
Diane Yoder, MS
Board 3Occupational potential bloodborne pathogen exposures treated in emergency departments by industry in the United States in 1998
Guang-Xiang Chen, Larry L. Jackson, Lynn Jenkins, James Collins
Board 4Watching your workers work:The relationship between gender, workplace monitoring and work climate among communications workers
Karen A. McDonnell, PhD, Barbara A. Curbow, PhD, David J. Laflamme, MPH, Joan M Griffin, PhD, Jackie Agnew, PhD, Margaret Ensminger, PhD, Gil C Gee, PhD, Bruce Sanders, ScM, Hilde Mausner-Dorsch, PhD, Michal Granot, PhD, David E LeGrande
Board 5Workplace (in)justice? The relationship between perceived fairness and abuse of prescription drugs among telecommunications workers
Gilbert C. Gee, PhD, Barbara Curbow, PhD, Karen McDonnell, PhD, David Laflamme, MPH, Bruce Sanders, Jacqueline Agnew, PhD, Margaret Ensminger, PhD, David LeGrande, Joan M. Griffin, PhD
Board 6Potential univariate risk factors for severe line-of-duty injuries to firefighters
Myduc L. Ta, MPH, Anthony C. Fabio, PhD, Stephen J. Strotmeyer, MPH
Board 7"Two strikes and you're out!": How to make sure lawyers adequately protect your reputation in court and prevent you from being ostracized as a "junk scientist"
Anthony Z. Roisman, JD(JurisDoctor, Ned I. Miltenberg, JD(LAWYER)
Board 8Youth Employment and Occupational Injuries: A study of working teens in Lowell, Massachusetts
Kimberly Rauscher, John Wooding, PhD
Board 9Student Late Breaker
Board 10Student Late Breaker
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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA