5256.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

The Health Workforce and Health Sector Reform

The health workforce is both the most expensive component of a health system and the resource that can be the most difficult to change in response to changing conditions. New buildings, equipment, supplies and medicines can be changed rapidly consistent with available resources. It can take many years, however, to make significant changes in health worker deployment, qualifications, productivity, attitudes, etc. This session will present country experiences with the effects on the workforce of health sector reform and the broader phenomenon of globalization. Session objectives are to help participants understand how forces such as administrative decentralization, new roles and responsibilities, performance management, privatization, regulatory reforms, and trade agreements affect the workforce, and to prepare them better to adjust to these changes. Though not explicitly related to the conference theme of “Eliminating Disparities in Health Outcomes”, the session is nevertheless highly relevant to it. Health sector reform seeks to improve the deployment of health system resources and to increase its productivity, and thus to improve health outcomes and reduce disparities. The success of reform will depend in large measure on the degree to which wise decisions are made with regard to the workforce during the difficult transition years ahead. This session addresses some of these decisions in the light of international experiences to date
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Organizer(s):Thomas L. Hall, MD, DrPH
4:30 PMImplication of international trade agreements on human resources for health development
Suwit Wibulpolprasert, Dr, Amphon Jindawattana, Dr
4:45 PMApplying performance management in national health systems: findings from a multi-country research study
Javier Martinez, Tim Martineau
5:00 PMDefining human resource responsibilities in the era of health sector reform
Riitta-Liisa Kolehmainen-Aitken, MD, DrPH
5:15 PMHR and the success of health sector reform
Tim Martineau, MSc, James Buchan, PhD
5:30 PMHuman resources for health in Mexico: Issues on doctors' regulation in the midst of health care reform
Gustavo Nigenda, PhD, Jose A Ruiz, BA
Sponsor:International Health
Cosponsors:Health Administration

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA