5261.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Perinatal Interventions: What's New? What's Different? What Works?

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Board 1Advers outcomes in pregnancies complicated by early vaginal bleeding - Withdrawn
Mostafa Ahmed Arafa, Moataz Abdel Fattah, Hamdy Abou Zeid
Board 1An Ecological Approach to Intervention: The MPKU Resource Mothers Program
Paula Shaw St. James, PhD
Board 2Brief interventions cut tobacco use among low-income pregnant women and prevent post-partum relapse
Morissa J. Miller, MPH, RD, Judy Nowak, MPH, Myra L. Muramoto, MD, MPH, Anne Whitmire, BS, Elke Sündermann, BS, Alice Shoemaker, MS, RD, Carol Glick, MS, Bob Leischow, MPH
Board 3Methadone treatment in pregnancy: Improving maternal and fetal outcomes
Thomas J McNanley, MD, Theresa A Caffery, RNMS, Gloria J Baciewicz, MD, Kim M Hober, MSW, Mary Ellen Ross, RNC
Board 4Effectiveness of residential substance abuse treatment of pregnant women in reducing infant mortality and morbidity
Kathleen Dowell, MA, Tracy Roberts, MPA, Jeremy Miller, MA, James M. Herrell, MPH, PhD
Board 4Prevalence of tobacco, alcohol and folic acid use among California women giving birth in 1999: the California Maternal Infant Health Assessment
Elizabeth Adams, PhD, Kristen Marchi, MPH, Gilberto Chavez, MD, MPH
Board 5Recent reversal of the disparity in cesarean rates for white and black women: United States, 1989-98
Sally C Curtin, MA, Melissa M. Park, BS
Board 6Relationships between and among medicaid population characteristics, use of prenatal health care, use of prenatal WIC services, and selected birth outcomes in Indiana using 1994 pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system data
Wendy Stoelting-Gettelfinger, RN, DNS, JD
Board 7Diabetes during pregnancy among African American women
Edith C Kieffer, MPHPhD, Wendy J Carman, MPH, George H Nolan, MPHMD, Mary Otieno, Suzanne Havstad, MS, Barbara Tilley, PhD
Board 7Risk assessment tool to improve birth outcomes in Boston
Barbara Ferrer, PhD, Judy Ann Bigby, MD, Barbara Gottlieb, MD, Lois McCloskey, DrPh, Dianna Christmas, MEd, Urmi Bhaumik, MBBS, DSc, Francine Azzara, RN, MPh, Joan Pernice, RNC, MS
Board 8Risks for low birthweight among parents of differing race/ethnicity
Don J. Taylor, MA, Gilberto F. Chavez, MDMPH, Katherine E. Heck, MPH
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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA