5196.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM

Curbing the Population Explosion: Bipartisan Unity, USAID Program Launch and Consolidation, 1966 - 1983

During the 1950's and '60's in the U.S. (as in China and India) a broad consensus formed among intellectuals and politicians regarding worldwide dimensions of the 20th century's unprecedented human population growth and the massive challenges it posed. These concerns were pivotal to the development and availability of new, more safe and effective methods of fertility regulation, including oral and injectable hormonal contraceptives, IUDs, and new surgical and uterine aspiration techniques. Launched in 1962, by the late '60's USAID was fostering extensive improvements to family planning technologies and helping countries make them available and accessible to all fertile-age couples. The proposition was elegantly simple: if couples had effective access they would use contraception. KAP surveys had shown that unmet demand for contraception was high in most countries. No other known, sectoral interventions could so effectively reduce high maternal and child mortalities. Costs were a crucial constraint, especially for the “supply” methods like condoms and OC’s; a central procurement system evolved that radically reduced these producers’ prices. Broad international policy and domestic political consensus and program support were vital; the UN launched the UNFPA and Congress earmarked steadily increasing funds. By 1975, USAID’s population leader predicted most objectives of the 'population movement' could be achieved in 25 years, worldwide. This session is one of a two-part set. The second part of the set is Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health Session 5278
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Discussant(s):Phyllis Piotrow
John Porter
Moderator(s):Keys MacManus
2:30 PMCreation of USAID’s Population/Family Planning Program, 1965-1979
Reimert T. Ravenholt, MD, MPH
2:45 PMPromises Delivered: from USAID Commitments to Make Contraceptives Available to Creation of a Dependable Worldwide Supply System
Carl Hemmer
3:00 PMResearch and Technology Legacies: the Critical Ingredient
Joseph J. Speidel, MD, MPH
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Cosponsors:Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health

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