3040.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM

Adolescent Behavior: Healthy Choices or Risky Attitudes?

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Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
Board 1Parental monitoring and its association with a spectrum of adolescent health risk behaviors: Opportunities for intervention
Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD, Gina M. Wingood, ScD, MPH, Richard Crosby, PhD, Brenda Cobb, PhD, Catlainn Sionean, PhD, Kathy Harrington, MPH, Suzy Davies, PhD, MPH, Edward Hook, MD, M. Kim Oh, MD
Board 2Adolescent risk taking and health care utilization
Laura Porter, Laura Duberstein Lindberg, PhD
Board 3Increasing Adolescent Immunization Rates in a Large HMO
Marlene M. Lugg, DrPH, Allan S. Lieberthal, MD, Constance Vadheim, PhD, Hang Lee, PhD
Board 4Sports participation and weight control beliefs and behaviors of middle school students
Lydia J. Burak, PhD, CHES, Mardie Burckes-Miller, Ed.D., CHES
Board 5Sexual assault history and depression among adolescents in Massachusettes
Kui Huang, MPH
Board 6An examination of life event stressors and weight status among African American female adolescents
Dena Phillips Swanson, PhD, Tirzah R. Spencer, MPH
Board 7Let's talk about sex: Exploring adolescent sexual behavior among Guatemalans in the age of AIDS
Paula I. Morgan, BS
Board 8Predictors of first sexual intercourse in the 9th through 11th grades: How do they change over time?
Rick S. Zimmerman, PhD, Katharine A Atwood, MS, ScD
Board 9Correlates of fighting and violent behavior in young adolescents
Amanda S. Birnbaum, MPH, Leslie A. Lytle, PhD, David M. Murray, PhD, Martha Kubik, MS, RN, Cheryl L. Perry, PhD
Board 10Physical Fighting Among Adolescents and Its Association with Other Health Risk Behaviors
Laura Duberstein Lindberg, PhD, Karen Alexander, Janine Zweig, PhD
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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA