3183.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Recent Trends in Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Poster Session

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Organizer(s):Nancy Tips
Board 1Comparison of composite and single surface dust lead loading results in a study to evaluate the efficacy of Maryland's prescribed lead hazard reduction treatments
Jack Anderson, Jill Breysse, CIH, Sherry Dixon, PhD, Warren Galke, PhD, Jonathan Wilson
Board 2Comparison of Lead Reduction Techniques on Carpets and Upholstery: The New Jersey Assessment of Cleaning Techniques Study (NJACT)
Lih-ming Yiin, George G. Rhoads, David Q. Rich, Peter J. Ashley, Zhipeng Bai, Junfeng Zhang
Board 3Declining blood lead levels among Boston children 1994-1999
Shakira Franco, MS, Ethan Mascoop, MPH
Board 4Dust lead reaccumulation
Scott Clark, PhD, CIH, Paul Succop, PhD, Warren Galke, PhD, Sherry Dixon, PhD, Mei Chen, PhD
Board 5Eliminating Health and Housing Disparities Through Locally Based Lead Litigation
Julie A. Reynolds, LMSW, Mark C. Tanenbaum, JD
Board 6HUD Grants: funding availablity is not the only issue
Irshad, A. Shaikh, MD, MPH, Phyllis Nails, BA, Masood A. Shaikh, MD, MPH
Board 7Identifying lead safe housing: is visual inspection enough?
Wendy Shields, MPH, Pat McLaine, RN, MPH, Mark Farfel, PhD
Board 8Timing of home inspections and remediation for childhood lead poisoning
Karen Haught, MD, MPH, Helen Binns, MD, MPH, Tianyue Chen, Adolfo Ariza, MD
Board 9Urban and Rural Differences in Blood Lead Levels and Number of Caries in the Children's Amalgam Trial
A. Gemmel, BA, S. Crawford, PhD, S. Alperin, MPH, M. Redford, DDS, MPH, D. Bellinger, PhD, MSC, M. Tavares, DMD, MPH, T. Clarkson, PhD
Board 10Use of Geographic Information Systems to Identify and Treat Homes That Lead-Poison Multiple Children: A CDC/HUD Community-Based Initiative
Neal L. Rosenblatt, MS, PhDStudent, Forrest Staley, BA, BS
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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA