3182.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Beyond Equipment and Meds: The Imperative of Collaboration Across Housing, Schools, Public Health and Environment to Address Asthma

This panel examines efforts to integrate disciplines and institutions in order to reverse an epidemic in which environment plays an important role, and which affects low-income and minority populations disproportionately. The Institute of Medicine’s 1988 report "The Future of Public Health" stated: environmental health activities are frequently isolated from state and local public health agencies, resulting in disjointed policy development, fragmented service delivery, lack of accountability and a generally weakened public health effort. The removal of environmental health authority from public health agencies has led to fragmented responsibility, lack of coordination, and inadequate attention to the health dimensions of environmental problems." In the case of asthma, rates of which continue to climb, environmental exposures indoors and out-of-doors exacerbate and may contribute to the initial onset of the disease, yet the asthma epidemic receives little attention from many agencies that could take action to reduce the burden of the disease. Since asthma in children is triggered by exposures in homes, schools, day-care settings and out-of-doors, reducing the risk of exacerbation to the population (and possibly of initial onset) requires reduction in exposure to asthma triggers in all of those places. Initiatives at the local, state and federal/regional levels reflect understanding about the complexity of reversing the asthma epidemic, and the need to involve institutions and disciplines that have little history of working together. Presenters on this panel will describe some of the activities, and the opportunities, pitfalls and outcomes of working with such an array of partners
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Facilitator(s):Polly Hoppin, ScD
Naomi S. Mermin, MBA
Organizer(s):Polly Hoppin, ScD
4:30 PMReflections on Multi-Agency Initiatives on Children's Environmental Health
Mindy Lubber, JD
4:45 PMBuilding capacity to reduce asthma attacks in vulnerable communities: A Case Study in Toppenish, Washington
Vicki Ybarra, RN, MPH
5:00 PMHHS Targets Asthma: An Insider's View
Judith Kurland, AB
5:15 PMHUD's Healthy Homes Program
Mary Lou K. Crane, MS
5:30 PMCoalition Building in Boston to Address a Housing and Health Crisis: Lessons Learned
Megan T. Sandel, MD, Margaret Reid, RN, Attieno Davis, BA
Cosponsors:Social Work; Socialist Caucus; Women's Caucus

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA