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Epidemiology of Cancer Cervix in Egypt

Amany H. Refaat, PhD1, Khadiga F Dandash1, and Howayda S Abd El All2. (1) Community Medicine, Suez Canal University, Faculty of Medicine, Ismailia, Egypt, 012-354-6245, arefaat@ismailia.ie-eg.com, (2) Pathology, Suez Canal University, Faculty of Medicine, Ismailia, Egypt

A national cross section project was conducted along two years examining the different health problems among Egyptian women 35 years old and over. Methodology: Data were collected from 5453 women residing in 10 different governorates representing geographical distribution through questionnaire, clinical examination, laboratory investigations, cytological examination of Pap smear and Colposcopy-guided cervical biopsy for abnormal epithelial Pap smear results. The data were analyzed in different ways to estimate the main determinant risk factors for cervical cancer. Results: Epithelial changes were seen in 8% of the Pap smears. Low grade lesion was among 145 women (2.7%), while High grade lesions were found in 25 women (0.5%) of the studied women. One percent of the studied women showed atypical metaplastic changes. There were two women only with invasive lesions. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) was found in 143 women (2.6%), and it was positive in 95% of cervical dysplasia. Applying multiple regression analysis apart of HPV, revealed that being a working woman and still menstruating had double effect. Unskilled workers were two and half times at greater risk of having HPV and dysplasia. Conclusion: Prevalence of cervical dysplasia (low grade and high grade) was 3.1% while prevalence of HPV was 2.6% and it was positive in 95% of cervical dysplasia confirming that it is the main causing agent. The unskilled workers were a high risk group as they live in worse socio-economic and marital conditions that need a special program for screening and education under the umbrella of health insurance.

Learning Objectives:

Keywords: Cervical Cancer, Developing Countries

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Epidemiologic Methods for Studies Related to Cancer

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