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La isla del desencanto: Communication obstacles and issues regarding safe sex and Puerto Rican women

Carey M. Noland, Ph D, Communication Studies, Northeastern University, 101 Lake Hall, Boston, MA 02115, 617 373 7261, c.noland@neu.edu and Janet MacLennan, Ph D, Department of English, University of Puerto Rico, PO Box 23356, College of Humanities, San Juan, PR 00931-3356.

Puerto Rican women--those living in the United States and on the island of Puerto Rico--are over-represented compared to other groups in terms of the heterosexual transmission of HIV/AIDS. In response to this increasing health crisis and given the lack of understanding of interpersonal factors that contribute to this crisis, an in-depth qualitative study was conducted in San Juan. The project included approximately 50 adult participants who shared their attitudes and practices regarding communication around sexual issues, relationships, and safe-sex practices. Through in-depth interviews and surveys, researchers gathered information pertinent to the goal of developing a culturally-based understanding of the relational dynamics that create this dangerous discrepancy. This research is distinctive in that it focuses on the everyday realities of social actors in their personal relationships. We hope that by delving into the interpersonal, communicative, and cultural aspects of STD transmission we will arrive at a position where understanding will replace or at least add to the current models in Public Health. These models tend to separate variables such as culture or gender or AIDS or STDs into different categories, where a simple yet comprehensive understanding of how people talk about their sexual experiences, particularly with their partners, would be invaluable.

Learning Objectives:

Keywords: Latinas, STD Prevention

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[ Recorded presentation ] Recorded presentation

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA