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Do drug donation programs have an institutional impact? A study of the Diflucan Partnership Program in six African health care institutions

N Wadonda Kabondo, Dr1, Anne Reeler, Dr1, Samson Kironde, Dr1, Konji Sebati, MD2, Heather Lauver, Ms2, and Joseph Saba, Dr1. (1) Axios, Plot 1, Pilkington Road, Workers House Building 6th Floor, Kampala, Uganda, +256 41 340 806/7, Axios@axiosint.com, (2) Pfizer, 235 East 42nd Street, 235/7/22, New York, NY 10017


The Pfizer Diflucan Partnership Program (DPP) donates Diflucan (fluconazole) for cryptococcal meningitis (CM) and oesophageal candidiasis and trains in their diagnosis/treatment. DPP has benefited 26 institutions from 20 countries covering 915 health care sites. Hypothesis: DPP eligibility/reporting criteria may have a positive effect on institutions in terms of diagnostics, referral, dispensing, follow-up of chronic patients and training. 6 institutions, participating for at least 1 year, were selected for study. Results from one Tanzanian district hospital are presented and all results will be available for the conference.


Qualitative and quantitative methods were used. Clinicians, administrators, lab and pharmacy staff were interviewed; patients data from exit interviews and case studies; treatment sessions and laboratory stocks observed using check-lists; patient and lab records were compared now and a year ago for diagnostic procedures and treatment.


The study found 3 DPP related impacts on the hospital:

• 1. Increased prescriber attention to look for CM when patients present with symptoms – increase in cerebral spinal fluid analyses from 68 in Q4/2002 to 90 in Q4/2003

• 2. Changes in CM diagnostic procedures, at insistence of clinicians, from microscopy only to more precise cryptococcal culture – no culture done in 2002 but 8 done in Q4/2003 for CM to validate gram stain tests (2 false negatives found)

• 3. Access to other donation programs (PMTCT) due to experiences with DPP.


Drug donation programs such as DPP can have a positive impact on health care institutions’ capacity to diagnose and treat chronic diseases

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