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A Framework for Monitoring the Malaria Eradication Programme in Korea

Moo Sik Lee, Bak Ju Na, Keon Yeop Kim, Dae Kyoung Kim, and Jee Young Hong. Department of Preventive Medicine, College of Medicine, Konyang University, 26 Naedong, Nonsan, Chungnam, South Korea, 82 41 730 5445, prev03hong@konyang.ac.kr

The World Health Organisation established the Roll Back Malaria(RBM) strategy to reduce the global burden of malaria in 1998. A set of RBM indicators will not be suitable to the Republic of the epidemiological and socio-cultural situation. Therefore, we have developed a framework and indicators for monitoring the outcomes and impact of the national malaria eradication programme that are appropriate for the situation in Korea. We reviewed the existing data in the national malaria eradication programme. We adopted general principles in developing a monitoring framework and indicators for monitoring RBM. Monitoring areas were recombined components and content that included the project plan, training health personnel, health education and public information, supply for manpower, equipment and materials, disease control, information system, supervision, community participation, intersectoral collaboration within practical guidelines for the national malaria eradication programme along with malaria control and RBM strategy of WHO. Twenty one monitoring areas were selected that identified critical areas for the national malaria eradication programme. Fifteen indicators of ten categories are proposed for use by the national malaria eradication programme in Korea.

Keyword: malaria, indicators for monitoring, Korea.

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