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American Public Health Association
133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 10-14, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
APHA 2005
4274.0: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 - Board 6

Abstract #115857

Realibility and validity of Turkish SF 10: Quality of life measurement in children’s health care

Simten Malhan, School of Health Sciences, Department of Health Care Management, Baskent University, Eskisehir Yolu 20. Km., 06530, Ankara, Turkey, 90-312-234 1010 (1548), akisa@baskent.edu.tr, Ergun Oksuz, Medico Social Health Center, Baskent University, Baglica Kampusu, Eskisehir Yolu 20. Km, Ankara, 06530, Turkey, Meric Colak, PhD, Department of Healthcare Administration, Baskent University School of Health Sciences, Eskisehir Yolu 20. Km., Baglica Kampusu, Ankara, 06530, Turkey, and Korkut Ersoy, Department of Health Care Management, Baskent University, School of Health Sciences, Eskisehir Yolu, 20. Km., Ankara, Turkey.

The ability to measure and improve the quality of health care is of national importance. Despite there is no any specific children's health care quality measures in Turkey. This study is the first application of the SF 10 in Turkey and is considered to be a good contribution to the Turkish literature.

Objectives. To test the validity and realibility of SF 10 in Turkey and to identifty any existing gap in the area of child health care quality measurement. It was constructed to assess physical and psychosocial functioning of children ages five and older.

Methods. The SF 10 Children's Quality Measures license was given by the Qualitymetric Incorpareted in 2004 . Two different Turkish translations were performed. These two translated documents integrated by an expert, retranslated to English and compared for any existing differences. The expert confirmed Turkish document was administered among 7 different pediatric patient groups. After final translation, 44 healthy people were used for the purpose of testing and re-testing. For the purpose of Turkish relialibity and validity, parents of 525 students aged 7-12 from Ayse Abla High Scool in Ankara were used. The correlation factor changes were between -0,2402 and 1. The pre-test, retest reliability value of Cronbach Alfa was 0,89. Four factors were found according to the factor analysis results and these factors were classified.

Results: The results of the study showed that the SF 10 quality measures can be used for the measurement of quality of life of children in Turkey by researchers in the area.

Learning Objectives:

Keywords: Quality of Life, Child Health

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