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Can WHO Help? Financial, scientific and managerial challenges for Public-Private Partnerships

Elizabeth Ziemba, JD, MPH, SHARED Inc., One Harvard Street, Sute 303, Brookline, MA 02445-7923, 617-277-7800, e.ziemba@comcast.net

Public-Private Partnerships for Product Development (PPP-PDs) are viewed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as key vehicles for the development and delivery of medicines for diseases that are disproportionately prevalent in developing countries. This report was prepared for WHO to examine the financial, scientific and managerial issues facing PPP-PDs and to recommend steps that could be taken by WHO to assist PPP-PDs to accelerate the development and delivery of medicines for diseases of the developing world. Five key areas representing major challenges facing PPP-PDs were identified in this report: 1. Scale of funding and likelihood of financial sustainability including current sources of funding and the funding gap; 2. Scientific challenges with a focus on portfolio management including the state of basic and translational research; 3. Governance, representation and accountability of PPP-PDs including the role of representatives from countries in the South; 4. Role of PPP-PDs in developing capacity such as the transfer of scientific knowledge and developing the ability to deliver health care services in low income countries; 5. Product delivery challenges including product distribution and planning for success. Specific recommendations were made to WHO identifying areas where WHO can support and expedite the work of these PPPs. A final WHO report will be issued in May 2006 identifying the recommendations which are accepted by WHO for further action. These recommendations will be incorporated in the presentation.

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Keywords: Public/Private Partnerships, Third World

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