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Effective Transformational Leadership in Public Health: Managing Self, People and Organizations Through Values, Reflection and Spirituality to Achieve Success

David B. White, PhD, MPH and John J. Newhouse, EdD MS. Health Services Department, Saint Joseph's University, 5600 City Ave., Post Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395, 610-660-1582, dwhite@sju.edu

Today's public health leaders may see the need to understand the principles of transformational leadership to help increase professional competency, to better meet stakeholders expectations, and to fulfill the public health charter mandate. Traditional models of leadership in public health are no longer viable and what is required is a conceptual and behavior paradigm shift to transformational leadership. Transformational leadership entails a focus on change, and engagement and empowerment of the workforce toward enhanced performance and system improvement. But to successfully transition to genuine transformational leadership, leaders must create a culture based on values, an innate desire to help others, and self-improvement. Building on research by Studer (2003), Magee (2000), Quinn (2005), Atchison (2005) and Gosling & Mintzberg (2003), this session will provide participants with 1) a comprehensive definition of transformational leadership; 2) the tools to develop a value driven, reflective life 3) the knowledge and skills to establish an organizational commitment to purposeful worthwhile, meaningful work and service to others 4) the framework to establish an organizational learning environment characterized by transformational leadership and 5) guidelines and personal accounts of success stories from the literature and personal experiences.


Studer (2003) Hardwiring Excellence; Magee (2000) Positive Leadership; Quinn (2005) “Moments of Greatness” in Harvard Business Review, 83(7/8), pp. 74-83; Atchison (2005) Leadership's Deeper Dimensions; Gosling & Mintzberg (2003), “Five Minds of a Manager” in Harvard Business Review 81(11) pp. 54-63.

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Keywords: Leadership, Management

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New Directions in Public Health Leadership Development

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