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Session: Technology Adoption and Health Administration
3404.0: Monday, November 06, 2006: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM
Technology Adoption and Health Administration
Learning Objectives: At the end of this session, participants will be able to: (1) identify the types of new technologies being adopted in health care settings and the forces driving this adoption; (2) assess the effects of new technology adoption on health care quality, accessibility, and cost; and (3) identify key steps in determining the desirability of new technology adoption.
Moderator(s):Andreas Muller, PhD
Table 1Regional IT integration: A partnership GIS implementation
John Graham, W
Table 2Videoconference technology applied to medical interpretation: Sharing video interpreter services between two large "safety net" institutions
Bruce Occena, MPH, MBA, Janice Chin, MPH, Gloria Garcia-Orme, RN, MS
Table 3State e-governance: Technology and the regulation of health professions
Elizabeth A. Graddy, PhD, Michael B. Nichol, PhD, Eduard Hovy, PhD, Aleece J. Kelly
Table 4How a shared technology innovation can foster inter-organizational relationships: The videoconference medical interpretation project in the San Francisco Bay Area
Gloria Garcia-Orme, RN, MS, Bruce Occena, MPH, MBA
Table 5One-e-App: The impact of a county wide web-based application to streamline screening and enrollment for federal, state, and local health care assistance programs at Alameda County Medical Center
Ana O'Connor, JD, Janice Chin, MPH
Table 6“Health Information Technology for dummies: The “how to” of what I wish I had known before implementing HIT in a rural region”
Kiki C. Nocella, PhD MHA
Table 7Online communities in health care services: Measuring the patient experience
Priya Nambisan, PhD, David Gustafson, PhD, Suzanne Pingree, PhD
Table 8Technological Innovation: A case study of technology as a catalyst for organizational redesign
Bruce Occena, MPH, MBA, Gloria Garcia-Orme, RN, MS, Janice Chin, MPH
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
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