4126.0 Injury Epidemiology

Tuesday, November 6, 2007: 12:30 PM
This session on will focus on the epidemiology of injuries, including youth violence, suicide, self-injury, falls and transportation related injuries. A presentation on the relationship between neighborhood characteristics and youth violence will be followed by presentations about emergency department visits for self-inflicted injuries, falls and hip fractures among women at work, temporal trends in fall-related mortality rates and transportation- related injuries among foreign-born and US-born individuals.
Session Objectives: At the conclusion of the session, the participant (learner) in this session will be able to: 1) Distinguish between trends in fatal and nonfatal indicators of youth violence in an urban setting; 2) Identify factors that may prevent future suicide-related morbidity and mortality for older adults who enter the emergency department for self-inflicted injury; 3) Discuss the importance of circumstances of same-level falls at work in the etiology of hip fracture in women over 45 years of age; 4) Identify characteristics associated with fall-related mortality rates; and 5) Study risk factors for transportation-related injuries among foreign-born and US-born individuals.

12:35 PM
Examining trends in and characteristics of youth violence at the neighborhood level
Krystal M. Perkins, Catherine Stayton, DrPH, MPH, Jeffrey A. Fagan, PhD and Bruce Link, PhD
1:05 PM
Circumstances of occupational same-level falls and risk of hip fracture in women over 45 years of age who fell at work
Santosh K. Verma, MPH, MBBS, David A. Lombardi, PhD, Wen R. Chang, PhD, Theodore Courtney, MS, CSP and Melanye J. Brennan, MS
1:20 PM
Elevated fall-related mortality rates New Mexico, 19992004
Aaron Mark Wendelboe, PhD and Michael Landen, MD, MPH
1:35 PM
Transportation-related Injuries among US Foreign-born Population: Findings from US National Health Interview Survey, 2000-2005
Xiaofei Zhang, Songlin Yu, Kelly Kelleher, MD, J. R. Wilkins III, BCE, DrPH, Jun Xing and Huiyun Xiang, MD, MPH, PhD

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Organized by: Epidemiology
Endorsed by: Women's Caucus, Occupational Health and Safety, Injury Control and Emergency Health Services

CE Credits: CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing

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