3397.0 MPHI Session: The APHA History Update Project

Monday, November 5, 2007: 4:30 PM
The session addresses the APHA History update project.The last update of theAPHA History was the 100 Year History written by Nancy Bernstein at the century anniversary of APHA in 1972. Much of has occurred in public health in the intervening 35 years. It is important to preserve and transmit APHAís role as the premier Public Health Association in a time of continued flux and challenge to both the nationís health, as well as the global reach of the action and mission of the Association. The session is structured to present the core aims and procedures in updating the Associations history. The session establishes: the enduring value and need to capture the past and current events. The variety of sources and materials available, and how the steps proposed to gather and collate and disseminate the updated history project. How members can become engaged and contribute to the project. The collateral uses of the project in teaching, educating, and advocating on behalf,of the Associationís mission and membership.
Session Objectives: Set the context for the APHA History Project, why our history matters, what lessons does it hold. Identify the rich set of resources some widely dispersed, updating our history and the plans to identify and synthesize the sources and engage our membership and public health. Identify the collateral utility of the history update project.

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