3254.0 Adolescent Reproductive Health and Safer Sex

Monday, November 5, 2007: 12:30 PM
Development and implementation of sexuality education programs continue to pose challenges to health educators. Four papers will be presented in this session: The first was s study of sexuality education programs in Florida to assess how demographic regional differences influenced content and implementation of sex education in the schools. The second examined the risk taking behaviors of college students who log-into web based social networking sites and volunteer personal identifying information while chatting on-line. The third will report on the outcomes of the “Youth-Friendly Pharmacy”(YFP) program to promote reproductive health, and the last will give the rationale of the “National Stakeholders Collaborative” (NSC) for State agencies to integrate HIV, STD and pregnancy education programs in the schools.
Session Objectives: LEARNING OBJECTIVES: At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to: (1) Describe how Florida’s growing diversity in demographics may influence sexuality education taught in the schools; (2) Identify the research methods used in a study to determine the risk-taking behaviors of college students while chatting online; (3) Discuss the outcomes of the “Youth-Friendly Pharmacy” (YFP) services in providing reproductive health education and services; and (4) Discuss the rationale of the “National Stakeholders Collaborative (NSC) to integrate State agencies’ efforts to deliver comprehensive HIV, STD and teen pregnancy education in the schools.
Martha Y. Kubik, PhD, RN

12:30 PM
Strengthening state health and state education agency partnerships to prevent HIV, STD, and teen pregnancy in school-age youth: The National Stakeholders Collaborative
Elizabeth Gwyn Henderson, MPH, Sharon Murray, MHSE, CHES, Kellye McKenzie, MBA, Dana Cropper Williams, MPA, MHR, Danielle Sollers, Rebecca Barson, MPH and Sharron Corle
1:10 PM
Methodology to assess college student risk taking behavior in social networking sites
Michele Wallen, MPH, PhD and Shonna L. Snyder, PhD, CHES
1:30 PM
Regional Differences in Sexuality Education in Florida: Implications for Programs and Policy
Frank Charlie Bandiera, MPH, Brian Dodge, PhD, William L. Jeffries IV, MA, Michael Reece, PhD, Erin Rosaasen, MPH, Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH and Ellen Lopez, PhD, MPH

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Organized by: School Health Education and Services

CE Credits: CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing