4313.0 Understanding HIV/AIDS Medication Adherence and Related Issues

Tuesday, November 6, 2007: 4:30 PM
Antiretrovial therapy has become an important treatment method for persons who are HIV positive. However, an important consideration is the cost of these drugs and providing access to all persons regardless of the economic situation. In this session, participants will learn about how to balance access with cost and how to improve adherence to ART given the cost of such treatments. The focus of the first presentation will be HIV medication adherence in resource-poor settings. Information about the lifetime costs and benefits of three different strategies for managing HAART therapy will be examined. Presentation two will focus on how qualitative research can provide new information regarding HIV medication adherence. In presentation three, the unique barriers to HIV medication adherence among African adolescents will be discussed. The final presentations will provide information about the time from FDA drug approval to patent expiration of ARVs and other NMEs in the US.
Session Objectives: 1. Identify factors associated with medication adherence as well as the barriers for medication adherence among diverse, vulnerable populations. 2. Articulate the advantages and disadvantages of using CD4 monitoring in the management of HIV in resource-poor settings. 3. Describe the ramifications of drug regulatory policies in the approval of ARVs.

4:30 PM
Cost effectiveness of diagnostic monitoring on HIV care in resource poor settings
Eran Bendavid, MD, Akshay Rajwade, Sean D. Young, MS and Douglas K. Owens, MD MS
4:50 PM
Factors that promote adherence among clients receiving free antiretroviral therapy in Northern Tanzania
Melissa Watt, MA, Carol Golin, MD, Suzanne Maman, PhD, Mark Jacobson, MD and Philip Setel, PhD
5:10 PM
Barriers to HAART adherence in a cohort of adolescents in urban Uganda
Rebecca Angevine, MPH, Sabrina Bakeera-Kitaka, MMed and Adeodata Kekitiinwa, MD
5:30 PM
Effective Patent Life of Antiretroviral Drugs in the U.S 1987-2006
Enrique Seoane-Vazquez, PhD and Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, PhD

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Endorsed by: Socialist Caucus, Public Health Education and Health Promotion, Epidemiology

CE Credits: CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing

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