3231.0 State and local programs to address disparities in colorectal cancer (CRC)

Monday, October 27, 2008: 12:30 PM
Disparities are evident in colorectal cancer (CRC) incidence and mortality. States and counties are addressing disparities in CRC with programs that raise public awareness and improve screening rates by reducing system barriers. This session will feature descriptions and evaluations of state and local programs. New York State started a program ten years ago that addresses the needs of the low income uninsured population; last year it became the first state to add Medicaid coverage for colorectal cancer treatment for those with incomes up to 250% of the federal poverty level. Maryland has funded a program since 2000 that educates medical providers and the public, offers free screening to the low income un/underinsured, and provides treatment/linkage to treatment for people diagnosed with cancer. Many elements of program design in NY and MD are determined at the county level. A large hospital system, the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation, implemented a cost-effective program several years ago that increased screening rates through reliance on patient navigators. North Carolina has several innovative programs to address barriers to screening that are being tested by researchers at the UNC School of Public Health and Lineberger Cancer Center. In 2005, the CDC awarded five demonstration grants to states and communities to create programs with varied designs that would meet the needs of communities in five states. The States of Delaware and New Jersey also have statewide programs. At this session, speakers will make presentations about noteworthy state and local programs that will include evaluation data.
Session Objectives: 1. List causes of disparities in colorectal cancer incidence and mortality. 2. Identify system barriers to CRC screening. 3. Describe key characteristics of state and local programs to address disparities in colorectal cancer. .

12:30 PM
Maryland's Colorectal Cancer Public Health Screening Program
Diane M. Dwyer, MD, Eileen K. Steinberger, MD MS, Carmela Groves, RN MS, Annette Hopkins, RN MS, Barbara Andrews and Eithne Keelaghan, MD MS
12:50 PM
State and local programs to address disparities in colorectal cancer (CRC)
Diane M. Dwyer, MD, Mona Sarfaty, MD, Laura Seef, MD, Marci Campbell, PhD, Benjamin Mojica, MD and Jennifer Boehm, MPH

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