3051.0 Rural & Frontier Health: Capacity Building/Rebuilding, Emergency Preparedness, Evidence Based Treatment, Telehealth/Videoconferencing

Monday, October 27, 2008: 8:30 AM
The five conclusions to this session are as follows: 1.NHHSP scholars are making significant contributions to develop the capacity of community healthcare systems 2.Intensive, face-to-face, evidence-based treatment for tobacco dependence can be as effectively delivered in rural areas as in metropolitan areas as long as adequate systems exist to support the sites, the clinicians, and evaluation 3.While preparedness activities and preparedness training were reported by 98% of LHDs, rural LHDs still lag behind their urban counterparts 4.In September 2007 Project ECHO won the Changemakers award in an international competition from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for this “disruptive innovation" which may change the paradigm of how medicine is practiced in New Mexico and globally 5.Will provide an overview of the post tsunami on-site assessment and intervention strategies, strategic interventions, evaluation of village outcomes and public health improvements
Session Objectives: There are five goals of this session. To: 1.Describe the unique healthcare needs of Native Hawaiians that warrants culturally specific providers skills 2.Describe evidence-based treatment for tobacco dependence 3.Identify factors the emergency preparedness indicators included in the 2005 NACCHO Local Health Unit Profile survey 4.Describe and discuss a new model of care (Extension for Healthcare Outcomes- ECHO) that improves healthcare access and infrastructure and addresses health disparities for a major public health problem in a border state 5.Cite public health threats, planning strategies, key interventions, and long term physical and mental health improvements associated with Tsunami impacted island communities

8:45 AM
Providing intensive, evidence-based treatment for tobacco dependence in rural settings
Laney Brackman, MPH, Christine E. Sheffer, PhD, John B. Wayne, PhD, L. Yvonne Boyd, MS and Eric Flowers, MS
9:00 AM
Rural urban differences in public health emergency preparedness: Results from the 2005 NACCHO survey
James H. Bellamy, CNMT, MPH, John B. Wayne, PhD and Glen Mays, PhD, MPH
9:15 AM
New Mexico Project ECHO
Sanjeev Arora, MD, Alfredo Vigil, MD and Ray Stewart, MA

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