3052.0 Health Services Research: Cancer, Obesity, Heart Transplant, Pneumococcal Vaccination, & Child Abuse

Monday, October 27, 2008: 8:30 AM
The five conclusions of this session are as follows: 1.It is urgently necessary to increase colonoscopy screening capacity to reduce CRCA disparities 2.Many family physicians do not screen their patients, nor do they feel confident about their ability to screen patients or use screening information 3.Most Medicare heart transplant patients were likely to survive several years after transplant even though a significant percent are hospitalized in the 5 year period following transplant. 4.Physician diagnosis and management of obesity differs significantly by socioeconomic status. A height/weight prompt may encourage physicians to provide a higher frequency of obesity care 5.Lack of awareness of PPV need and low provider recommendation were the commonest barriers to vaccination among both younger and older AA adults
Session Objectives: There are five objectives for this session. To: 1.Understand whether trained primary care physicians in colonoscopy screening perform at a high level of quality and colorectal cancer prevention potential compared to specialists 2.Learn about physician practices, attitudes, and perceived barriers related to screening adult patients for a childhood violence history 3.Describe survival and hospitalization trends for Medicare heart transplant patients 4.Evaluate socioeconomic disparities in national patterns of physician diagnosis and management of obesity and the impact of a height/weight prompt on physician behavior 5.Identify the factors that hinder or encourage pneumococcal vaccination among African American clinic attendees
Bruce N. Davidson, PhD, MPH

8:30 AM
Quality and Case Yield of Screening Colonoscopies Performed by Primary Care Physicians
Sudha Xirasagar, MBBS, PhD, Thomas Hurley, MS, Lekhena Sros, PhD (c) and James R. Hebert, ScD
8:45 AM
Screening Adult Primary Care Patients for a History of Child Abuse: A Survey of Massachusetts Family Physicians
Linda Weinreb, MD, Judith Savageau, MPH, Lucy Candib, MD and J. Lee Hargraves, PhD
9:30 AM
Pneumococcal vaccination among African American older adults and persons aged 18-64 years with high-risk medical conditions in a large urban academic medical center
Chima John Ohuabunwo, MD, MPH, FWACP, Elizabeth Safran, MD, MPH, Ugochi K. Ohuabunwa, MD, FMCP, Marshaleen Henriques, MD, Ernest A. Mensah and Abimbola Akomolafe, MD, MPH, FACP

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