4201.0 Social Sciences in Health: Causal Pathways, Translational Research, Risk Factors, Adherence to Screening, U.S. Healthcare Reform

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 12:30 PM
The five conclusions of this session are as follows: 1.The poor health status of racial/ethnic minorities, such as Blacks and Hispanics, was partially explained by lower SES and provider discrimination 2.Multiple factors influence knowledge transfer, the uptake of new research results and medical decision making(esp. the delay in greater adoption of electronic medical record systems) 3.Age, low serum albumin and use of PPIs are known risk factors for CDAD, and socio-demographic risk factors, namely the role of SNF for both admission and discharge sites, are strong predictors of CDAD 4.The main components of acceptability were: knowing one's HPV diagnosis, preference for self-collection versus pelvic exam, less painful and faster than Pap test, and opportunity for self-care 5.Latin American health systems' organization, finance and delivery may provide innovative solutions to the US healthcare crisis.
Session Objectives: There are five objectives for this session. To: 1.Describe the effect of provider discrimination on health status 2.Develop an understanding of the importance of reducing the translational research gap 3.Outline socio-demographic risk factors, namely the role of SNF for both admission and discharge sites, as strong predictors of CDAD 4.Identify socio-cultural elements of HPV test acceptability among disadvantaged women from different ethnic groups in Mexico 5.Evaluate key characteristics of Latin American health systems, health reforms, and services delivery

12:30 PM
Causal pathways between race, SES, and health: Does provider discrimination really affect health status?
Chioun Lee, MA, Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld, PhD and Stephanie Ayers, PhD
1:00 PM
Evaluation of RISK Factors of Clostridium Difficile Associated Diarrhea (CDAD) in MEDICINE and Surgical Inpatients
Mandeep Matta, MD, Sofia Novak, MD, Hashim Nemat, MD, Martin Lesser, PhD, Roshan Hussain, MPH, MBA, Barbara T. Edwards, MD, Yosef Dlugacz, PhD and Gisele Wolf-Klein, MD
1:15 PM
Acceptability of HPV testing and stages-of-change in Papanicolaou test use among disadvantaged, indigenous and non-indigenous women in Mexico: Policy recommendations for adherence to screening
Betania Allen-Leigh, PhD, Lina Sofía Palacio-Mejía, MS, Rosa María Vázquez-Mellado, BA, Aurelio Cruz-Valdéz, MD, ScD, Attila Lorincz, MD and Eduardo Lazcano-Ponce, MD, ScD

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