4200.0 Using CHIS data to Measure and Understand Racial and Ethnic Disparities

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 12:30 PM
The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) is the nation's largest statewide survey on health issues. CHIS is used to understand and measure health needs of California's population — characterized by ethnic, geographic, and social class diversity. Researchers, public health departments, non profit organizations and advocacy groups rely on sound analyses to inform public policy. This session will provide examples of currently available data that can accurately assess and address ethnic/racial disparities, cultural sensitivity, health care delivery, and gender based research and policy. Deirdre Browner, MPH, will provide analysis on racial/ethnic group differences in cancer screening rates among populations of color in San Diego County. Nancy Breen, PHD, will provide an analysis of recent mammography estimates among women 40 and older in California and explore reasons why the state's rates differ from the national estimates on mammography use. Salma Shariff-Marco, PhD, will discuss the National Cancer Institute's collaboration with the CHIS to develop a psychometrically validated and short instrument for telephone administration to gather self-reported data on discrimination and an analysis of discrimination's potential impact on health behaviors and outcomes. E. Richard Brown, PhD, will discuss findings of a study designed to better understand the effects of the CHIS data dissemination, as well as the CHIS dissemination impact on state and national stakeholders. Participants will learn how CHIS data can be a useful tool not only for local counties but throughout the nation. The session will also discuss how data is used for research, evaluation and needs assessments.
Session Objectives: Learn how population-based survey data can be used to measure and analyze health disparities or discrimination. Demonstrate the value of state and local survey data to examine national trends and inform national health policy, delivery, and practice. Identify data sources to be used for evaluation projects, needs assessments, and as a research tool on the state and local level. Describe how CHIS data can be used to understand issues in women’s health and gender based policy making.

12:30 PM
Using CHIS data to Measure and Understand Racial and Ethnic Disparities
Salma N. Shariff-Marco, PhD, MPH, Nancy Breen, PhD, Deirdre Browner, MPH and E. Richard Brown, PhD

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