4265.0 Global Immunization

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 2:30 PM
The session on global immunization will provide an update on global and regional efforts to improve vaccine-preventable disease control, including measles, rubella and rotavirus infection. In addition, a model for evidence-based decision making with regard to new vaccine introduction in international settings will be discussed. In the era of global interconnectedness, global and regional control of vaccine-preventable diseases with epidemic potential such as measles and rubella has important implications on public health in the United States. Ongoing transmission of measles virus in many international settings continues to pose a risk for imported measles cases and subsequent outbreaks in under-immunized communities, as exemplified by a measles outbreak in San Diego, CA in 2008. Regional efforts to eliminate rubella in the Americas will help reduce the burden of rubella including congenital rubella syndrome in the Western hemisphere and, at the same time, reduce risk of virus transmission between the neighboring countries in the region. Introduction of new vaccines, such as rotavirus vaccine, provides new opportunities for reducing preventable morbidity and mortality, but it is often coupled with challenging policy decisions particularly in settings where public health resources remain scarce. The information presented at this session is particularly relevant for attendees interested in national and international vaccine-preventable disease control.
Session Objectives: After this session, the attendees will be able to: 1. Describe current status of global measles control and progress toward achieving the regional goal to eliminate rubella and congenital rubella syndrome in the Americas by 2010; 2. Recognize implications of the trends in global measles control on public health in the United States; 3. Discuss experience to date with rotavirus control and new vaccines introduction in the Americas.

2:35 PM
Global measles control: Current status and implications for measles control in the United States
Amra Uzicanin, MD, Amy A. Parker, MSN, MPH, Brent Burkholder, MD, MA and Stephen L. Cochi, MD, MPH
2:50 PM
Progress towards rubella elimination in the Americas
Carlos Castillo-Solórzano, MD, Jon K. Andrus, MD, Pamela Bravo Alcántara, Christina Marsigli, MPH, Carolina Danovaro, MD, MPH, Ana Maria Bispo, MD, Susan Reef, MD, Stephen L. Cochi, MD, MPH and Cuauhtemoc Ruiz Matus, MD
3:05 PM
Enhancing evidence-based capacity for evidence-based decision making with regard to introduction of new vaccines: Pan American Health Organization's ProVac initiative
Jon K. Andrus, MD, Christiana Toscano, MD, Lucia Helena De Oliveira, MPH, Steve Landry, PhD, Sue Goldie, MD, MPH, Orin Levine, PhD and Vance Dietz
3:20 PM
Status of implementation of rotavirus vaccination in the Americas
Lucia Helena De Oliveira, MPH, Carolina Danovaro, MD, MPH, Ana Maria Bispo, MD, Umesh Parashar, John R. Wecker, PhD, Cuauhtemoc Ruiz Matus, MD and Jon K. Andrus, MD

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