2032.0 Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology Poster Session

Sunday, October 26, 2008: 2:30 PM

Board 1
Diabetes near the international border in Texas
David W. Smith, PhD, MPH, Saul D. Rivas, MS, BCH, Rebecca A. Wood, MSHP and Michelle L. Cook, MPH
Board 3
Is it possible to identify specific subgroups with poor adherence to antihypertensive drugs? Evaluation of factors associated with suboptimal adherence
Michelle Ulmer, BA, Donald Robinaugh, MA, Muhammad Dhanani, BA, Marilena Antonopoulos, PharmD, Ashley Regazzi and Sundar Natarajan, MD, MSc
Board 4
Stroke Epidemiology in Taiwan, 1996-2005
Hsin-Yi Wang, MSc, Tzu-Ling Chen, MSc, Ruei-Shiang Shiu, MSc and Hung-Yi Chiou, PhD
Board 5
Determinants of Early vs. Late Diagnosis of Diabetes in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Madonna Murphy, MSc, PhD (c), Kayla Collins, MSc, PhD (c), Don MacDonald, MSc, PhD (c), Reza Alaghehbandan, MD, Ann Colbourne, MD, FRCPC, FACP, Jeff Dowden, MAS and Khokan C. Sikdar, MSc,MAS, PhD (c)
Board 6
Board 7
Age and gender distribution of diabetes incidence in St Lucia
Michael A. Graven, MD MSc MPH and Stephen King, MD
Board 8
Gender Difference of Risk Factors for Peripheral Arterial Disease in African-American Diabetic Patients: Jackson Heart Study
Jung Hye Sung, ScD, MPH, Ervin R. Fox, MD, MPH, Jae Eun Lee, Dr PH, Daniel Sarpong, PhD and Herman A. Taylor, MD, MPH, FACC, F
Board 9
Trends in the cardiovascular risk profile of middle-aged adults
Ellen Kramarow, James Lubitz, Robert Francis and R. Frank Gillum, MD

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