2030.0 Infectious Disease Surveillance Poster Session

Sunday, October 26, 2008: 2:30 PM

Board 1
Use of local animal care intake data for disease surveillance: The Orange County experience
Stephen Walter Klish, MPH, Frances O. Miller, PhD, Pamela Roa Hipp, MPH, Elisabeth J. Gonzalez, PhD, Elaine Lukic, DVM and David Kieltyka, DVM
Board 2
Trends in Foodborne Illness in the District of Columbia 2003-2007
Dina B. Passman, MPH, Chevelle Glymph, MPH and John Davies-Cole, PhD, MPH
Board 3
Enhancing Influenza Surveillance and Information Exchange Between Public Health and Schools in North Texas Through the Development of a School-based Syndromic Surveillance System
Tabatha N. Powell, MPH, Dean Lampman, MBA, Bill Stephens, Dave Heinbaugh, Liz Izaguirre and Anita Kurian, DrPH, MBBS
Board 5
Illness among children attending US summer camps, 2006-07
Ellen E. Yard, MPH, Christy L. Collins, MA and R. Dawn Comstock, PhD
Board 6
Community Wide Outbreak of Acute Hepatitis A Virus in Mongolia, 2007
Gombojav Davaa, Duger Davaadorj, yes, Chogsom Bayasgalan and Chultemdorj Tsolmon
Board 7
Changes in the Reportable Disease Surveillance Process in the US Army
John F. Ambrose, MPH, CHES, Esther Pfau, MPH, Troy Baker, MD, MPH and Rodney Coldren, MD, MPH
Board 9
Collaborative infectious disease surveillance using emergency medical services response (ambulance run) data
Pamela Roa Hipp, MPH, Ken Miller, MD, PhD, Stephen Walter Klish, MPH and Hildy Meyers, MD, MPH

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