3176.0 Injury Posters: Innovative Data Uses & Methods

Monday, October 27, 2008: 12:30 PM

Board 1
Survey Response Rates by Method among EMS Providers
Patricia N. Schmuhl, BA, Heather Van Duker, MA, Kristin Lauria Gurley, MS and Lenora Olson, MA, PhD
Board 2
National estimates of injury incidence for patients treated in U.S. trauma centers compared to U.S. hospital emergency departments
Sandra M. Goble, MS, Joseph L. Annest, PhD, David E. Clark, MD MPH, Mark Faul, BS, MS, PhD, Avery Nathens, MD MPH PhD, Melanie Neal, MS, Lei Li, PhD and Paul S. Levy, ScD
Board 4
Comparison of Emergency Department Visit Data Sources
Teresa B. Gibson, PhD, Pamela J. Owens, PhD, Marguerite Barrett, MS, Marc W. Zodet, MS, Steven R. Machlin, MS, Julie Nisbet, BS, Amy G. Mell, MPH and Robin M. Weinick, PhD
Board 5
A model for balancing injury prevention and obesity prevention
Julianne M. Cooke, MPH, Mona V. Thabit, MPH, Alan M. Smith, PhD, MPH, Barbara M. Stepanski, MPH, Isabel Corcos, PhD, MPH, Holly Shipp, MPH and Leslie Upledger Ray, PhD MPH MPPA MA
Board 7
A case-control study to assess Utah's shaken baby prevention program
Heather T. Keenan, MDCM, PhD and John M. Leventhal, MD
Board 10
Death within 8 days after discharge home form the emergency department
Oddny S. Gunnarsdottir, MPH and Vilhjalmur Rafnsson, MD

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Organized by: Injury Control and Emergency Health Services