5185.0 Issues Relating to Pregnancy and Pregnant Women

Wednesday, October 29, 2008: 12:30 PM
The unintended pregnancy rate in the U.S. is high compared to other industrialized counties and there has been little downward movement since the IOM report in 1995. Findings discussed in this session will include a study on the information needs, information barriers, and their relationships to pregnancy health information seeking among low-income pregnant women. Findings will also be discussed from a youth-empowerment program targeting Asian-American Adolescents for a teen pregnancy prevention program.
Session Objectives: (1) Identify the public's perception of levels of intendedness of pregnancy among teens, unmarried adults and married adults. (2) Identify the public's perception of the likelihood of pregnancy from one act of unprotected sexual intercourse and a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. (3) Determine the impact of these and other public perceptions on programs working to reduce unintended pregnancies. (4) List information needs for low-income pregnant women.
Linda Lysoby, MS, CHES

12:30 PM
1:10 PM
Information needs, barriers, and information seeking among low-income pregnant women
Carol Shieh, RNC, MPH, DNSc, Anna M. McDaniel, DNS, RN, FAAN and Irene Ke, MS, MLS
1:30 PM
Perceptions and misperceptions of intendedness of pregnancy and the likelihood of pregnancy
Susan Roberts-Dobie, PhD, CHES, Mary E. Losch, PhD and Mary L. Aquilino, MSN, PhD, FNP

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