3388.0 Posters : Body Image and BMI

Monday, October 27, 2008: 4:30 PM

Board 1
Promoting health and wellness during the college transition period from adolescence to young adulthood
Carol Kennedy-Armbruster, MS, Jeanne Johnston, PhD, Fernando F. Ona, PhD, Amy DiIullo, BS, Whitney E. Hornsby, BS and Marge Schrag
Board 2
Did We Get What We Expected? Measuring Body Mass Index in Schools
Martha M. Phillips, PhD, MPH, MBA, James M. Raczynski, PhD, LeaVonne Pulley, PhD, Delia West, PhD, Zoran Bursac, PhD, C. Heath Gauss, MS, Jada Walker, MEd, Rebekah Craig, Jennifer Ivory, MPH and Amanda Philyaw Perez, MPH
Board 3
Pathological Behaviors Associated with the Desire to be Thin: A Study of College Students
A. Serdar Atav, PhD, Jennifer Wegmann, MASS and Sarah Thompson, MASS
Board 6
Impact of an exercise intervention among Appalachian adolescents
Emily Stevens, PhD, Brian Hortz, PhD and R. L. Petosa, PhD
Board 7
Effect of compassion meditation on body image and amount of exercise in a pretest-posttest study of college freshmen women and men
Daniel D. Adame, PhD, CHES, Steven P. Cole, PhD, Charles Raison, MD, Thomas C. Johnson, EdD and Sally A. Radell, MFA
Board 8
Relationship between sleep and body mass index (BMI) among college students
Karunakar Todigala, MD, MPH, Derek Holcomb, PhD and Madhubindu Kanneganti, MBBS, MPH
Board 10
Media influences on body image perceptions among college students
Sloane C. Burke, PhD, CHES and Michele Wallen, MPH

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