3367.0 New Developments in Smoke Free Living Spaces and Outdoor Venues

Monday, October 27, 2008: 4:30 PM

Board 2
Smokefree Living for a Healthy Family: Partnering for prevention with early childhood programs
Sarah Alice Ross-Viles, MPH, Paul Zemann, BA and Michael Leon-Guerrero
Board 3
Household Smoking Policies among Cambodians in Long Beach, California
Robert Friis, Prof PhD, Mohammed Forouzesh, PhD, MPH, Claire Garrido-Ortega, MPH, Kimthai Kuoch, MPA, Alan Safer, PhD, Kirsten Trefflich, MPA and Paula Griego, BS
Board 4
Head Start Families: Getting Involved in Steps Towards Smokefree Homes
Jennifer K. Ibrahim, PhD MPH MA and David Zanis, PhD
Board 5
Policy adoption for a tobacco-free family entertainment venue: No smoking at the zoo
Susan Pearman, MPA, Vickie D. Krenz, PhD,MSPH and Eric Krenz, PhD
Board 6
Patron support for tobacco-free policies at Wild Waters Adventures Park
Susan Pearman, MPA, Eric Krenz, PhD and Vickie D. Krenz, PhD,MSPH
Board 8
Implementing Outdoor Smoke Free Laws Case Study
Elizabeth Emerson, MA and Bob Curry, MA
Board 9
Evaluation of a smokefree policy in subsidized multi-unit housing complexes in the tri-county area of Portland, Oregon
Barbara Pizacani, PhD, Stacey Schubert, MPH, David Dowler, PhD, Kristen Rohde, MS, Linda Drach, MPH and Michael J. Stark, PhD
Board 10
Implementing Smoke-Free Fair Policy
Elizabeth Emerson, MA and Bob Curry, MA

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