2036.0 Genomics Responses to a Call for Public Health without Borders

Sunday, October 26, 2008: 2:30 PM
The poster session titled "Genomics Responses to a Call for Public Health without Borders" will focus on the impact of applied research in epi-genomics, screening, family history, genomics education and direct-to-consumer genetic testing marketing on public health. Ten posters from national and international researchers will help to identify the latest trends in interactions between genetic, social, geographic, ecologic, and environmental factors.
Session Objectives: By the end of the poster session, the participant will be able to: 1. Articulate how genomics is becoming incorporated into public health fields, both nationally and internationally. 2. Identify public health needs and priorities related to genomics. 3. Describe advances and alternative approaches in genomics applications in public health fields from national and international perspectives. 4. Identify ethical and legal challenges associated with advances in commercial genomic applications available to the public. 5. List at least five areas and programs in which educational interventions have made a difference in advancing genomic research agendas. 6. Cite at least five objective and perceived outcomes resulting from engaging multidisciplinary teams in genomic initiatives. 7. Describe culturally appropriate community-based strategies for improving access and use of genetic services.
Nelson Atehortua, MD, MPH

Board 1
Genomics Education and Training Needs of U.S. Health Educators: A Qualitative Study
Lei-Shih Chen, PhD, PT, CHES, Bhargavi Narasipuram, MS, Brian Leydet, BSHS and Patricia Goodson, PhD
Board 2
NHLBI's SNP Health Association Resource (SHARe) Project: A New Model for Access to Genetic Epidemiology Data
Mona Pandey, MPH, Cashell Jaquish, PhD, George Papanicolaou, PhD, Christopher O'Donnell, MD and Richard Fabsitz, PhD
Board 3
From drawings to databases: An examination of family health history
Tabitha A. Harrison, MPH, Debra L. Doyle, MS, CGC and Robin L. Bennett, MS, CGC
Board 4
Trends in tuberous sclerosis deaths in the United States, 1983-1997
Jamie Kim, MPH, Richard Olney, MD, MPH, Steven R. Machlin, MS and Quanhe Yang, PhD
Board 5
Transcending borders with an online mentored distance learning course in public health genetics
Stephen M. Modell, MD, MS, Toby Citrin, JD and Shelley C. Stoll, MPH
Board 6
Decision Making Under Uncertainty: A Case Study in Returning Individual Genetic Test Results in a Research Context
Kristin Beima, BS, Catharine Riley, MPH, Jon Sharpe, MEd, MA, Jonathan Hofmann, MPH, Matthew Keifer, MD, MPH and Kelly Fryer-Edwards, MA, PhD
Board 8
Knowledge of Newborn Screening and other Genetic Services and Resources among Minority Populations in Illinois
Carlos Sanchez, MD, Jose O. Arrom, MA, Aida L. Giachello, PhD and Elena Navas-Nacher, MS
Board 9
Missing voices: The lack of community perspectives in the pursuit of race-based medicine
Jodyn E. Platt, MPH, Aaron Goldenberg, MPH and Tomi Ogundimu

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Endorsed by: Socialist Caucus

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