4327.0 Influence of Gender, Culture and Age on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 4:30 PM

Board 3
Relationship commitment and condom use in young adults: Initial results from the Project on Partner Dynamics
Christopher R. Agnew, PhD, S. Marie Harvey, MPH, DrPH, Christy A. Sherman, PhD and Jocelyn Warren, MPH
Board 4
Intention for pregnancy among urban minority teen girls
Kathy S. Katz, PhD, Margaret Rodan, ScD, Lenora McClain, PhD, Lauren Courtney, Sylvia Tan, MS, Susan M. Blake, PhD and Siva Subramanian, MD
Board 5
Differences between sexually active female adolescents who use dual protection to prevent pregnancy and STDs verses non-dual users
Jessica Sales, PhD, Colleen P. Crittenden Murray, DrPH, Teaniese P. Latham, MPH, Erin Bradley, MPH, Eve Rose, MSPH, Ralph DiClemente, PhD and Gina Wingood, MPH ScD
Board 6
Pregnant again? A qualitative assessment of rapid repeat pregnancy among African-American adolescents
Colleen P. Crittenden Murray, DrPH, Teaniese P. Latham, MPH, Catherine A. Taylor, PhD, Neil Boris, MD and Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD
Board 7
Using the internet to outreach to multilingual populations: Expanding access to family planning services for Californians with Limited English Proficiency
Donna Bell Sanders, MPH, Veronica Estrella Murillo, MPH, Robin Lowney Lankton, MPH, CHES and Laurie Weaver
Board 9
Factors influencing African-American adolescent females' acceptability of pregnancy
Colleen P. Crittenden Murray, DrPH, Jessica Sales, PhD, Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD, Teaniese P. Latham, MPH, Erin Bradley, MPH and Eve S. Rose, MSPH

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Organized by: Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health
Endorsed by: HIV/AIDS, Public Health Nursing, Socialist Caucus