5006.0 Environment Section Poster Session VI

Wednesday, October 29, 2008: 8:30 AM

Board 1
Board 2
Staten Island Breast Cancer Project: Length of residence on Staten Island, occupation, socio-economic factors and mortality risk
Donna Gerstle, MA, MS, JD, Alfred Levine, PhD, Robert Silich, MD, Alan Benimoff, PhD, Michael Kress, PhD, Elena McCoy, PhD, Jimmie Fata, PhD, Michelle Dresser, MPH, Ann Teresa Lubrano, PhD, Karen Schwartz, MD, Regina Pepe-Martorana, JD, Meagan Devereaux, MS, Danielle Dimitrov, MA, JD, Mary Segarra, BS and Ann Torino
Board 3
Board 4
Health effects associated with goods movement in the Los Angeles basin
Robert Friis, Prof PhD, Javier Lopez-Zetina, PhD, MA, Che Wankie, BS, Suzanne Wechsler, PhD and Sunghee Lee, PhD
Board 5
My Garden Vegetables: A Pilot Study of a Gardening, Art, and Nutrition Education Program
Kelly Jones, Carrie Falvo, RD, Tammy Thomas, MSW, MPH and Christopher Keane, ScD
Board 6
Mortality in Relation to Primary Roadway Proximity
Cynthia A. Garcia, APS, Poh-Sin Yap, PhD and Susan Gilbreath, PhD
Board 7
Built environment characteristics and obesity in underserved populations: A systematic review
Gina S. Lovasi, PhD, Malo A. Hutson, PhD, Monica Guerra, BA and Kathryn M. Neckerman, PhD
Board 9
Framing Scientific Uncertainty: The Importance of Engaging in Public Dialogue Regarding the Advancement of Nanotechnology
Catharine Riley, MPH, Kristin Beima, BS, Dianne Botta, BS, Terrance Kavanagh, PhD, DABT, Jon Sharpe, MEd, MA and Kelly Fryer-Edwards, MA, PhD

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