Manoj Sharma, PhD

University of Cincinnati & Walden University
Health Promotion & Education Program
Teachers College 527 C
P. O. Box 210068
Cincinnati, OH
USA 45221-0068
3073.0 Predictors of alcohol use and binge drinking among college athletes using social cognitive theory
3073.0 A web-based intervention using social cognitive theory for unsafe drinking among Asian Indian international college students
3075.0 Social cognitive theory driven yoga intervention as a complementary therapy for clinical depression
3079.0 Using Theory of Planned Behavior to predict safer sex behavior among Ghanaian immigrants in a Midwestern metropolitan area
3080.0 Review of qualitative studies related to safer sex among college students and adolescents: Directions for Research
3172.0 Predictors of snack food consumption among children using social cognitive theory: Implications for health promoting interventions
3264.0 Predictors of behaviors related to obesity using the theory of planned behavior in middle school students
3401.0 Social cognitive theory-based predictors of safer sex among African-American college students
4241.0 Lessons from motivational interviewing based interventions targeting problematic drinking among college students